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Mental Health Expert Tamika Hill Enhancing Well-BeingThrough Strategic Training, Workshops, and More

Speaker, therapist, and consultant Tamika Hills' 2023 calendar includes an

upcoming Mother’s Day event, second annual Beautifully Broken & Mending Well

Seminar, and more

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, APRIL 14, 2023 - Mental health expert and founder ofT. Hill Consultant, LLC, Tamika Hill, MSW, LCSW, has announced a 2023 roster of events complete with an upcoming Mother’s Day experience and the second annual Beautifully Broken & Mending Well Seminar.

Broken & Mending Well Seminar. Hill, who is known as “Coach T” by her clients, provides mental wellness events, trainings, and seminars for individuals, educators, and corporate clients. Her overarching mission is to flip the script on how mental health is perceived by transforming the negative stigma

into a positive lifestyle called mental wellness. Hill demonstrates to her clients how

mental wellness impacts every area of life, including finances, behavior, mentality, and

physical and spiritual health.

T Hill is also the founder of Step by Step - The Spa For Your Mind, which is a private group practice offering dynamic therapy solutions. T Hill is the creator of empowering signature events such as the

Beautifully Broken & Mending Well Experience, Own Your Money vs Owe Your Money, Manifest Your

Vision with a Plan, and numerous other workshops tailored to provide mental wellness in the

educate and corporate niches.

For instance, Hill’s Financial Mental Wellness Literacy Seminar was developed in conjunction with industry experts and provides a psychology-based look at personal

finance. In this series, Hill teaches how mental wellness affects finance, how to identify financial boundaries, and how to discover money personality types.

“Not everyone will go to therapy, but why shouldn’t they have therapeutic experiences through workshops and events? You can expose more people to healthier coping skills through trainings and fun events,” said Hill.

Hill’s upcoming Mother’s Day Experience will be held on May 13, 2023, from5:00pm- 10:00pm at Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery in Chicago, IL. Each ticket includes food, beverages, wine tasting, making a take-home bottle of wine, massage, candle making, and more. The experience is designed to celebrate all women, whether they’ve birthedachild or not. “All women are nurturers, so we can celebrate all women because we are all mother figures who’ve impacted our circle in some positive way,” said Hill. Limited ticket sare now available.

This August, Hill will host the second annual Beautifully Broken & Mending Well experience. The event will feature a three course meal, gift bags, and much more - all with an emphasis on mental health and well-being. Further details on this event to follow.

More information about Hill, including how to book her signature workshops and speaking appearances, can be found at


T. Hill Consultant, LLC, provides mental health-based workshops, trainings, and seminars for employers and professionals.


Tamika Hill, MSW, LCSW

T. Hill Consultant, LLC

Phone: 773-322-5477


Facebook: @thillconsultant

Instagram: @thillconsultant


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