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Your Raw But Real Therapist

Clinically licensed professional (MSW, LCSW) with over a decade of experience.


Vast knowledge, expertise, and passion for helping others achieve greater well-being, T. Hill Consultant provides a powerful and inspiring Professional Development portfolio that makes a positive impact on individuals and communities around the world.

Vendor Affiliated with CPS Approval Process through Step by Step, Spa for Your Mind, Our Sister Company


T.Hill Consultant's mission, vision and goals align to promote Professional Development with mental wellness and therapeutic experiences that inspire growth and change. We are dedicated to creating a world where mental wellness is a lifestyle in all areas of your life from relationships, career to finances and the workplace. Teaching individuals how to become built mentally like Teflon in a world of uncertainties. By digging deep and understanding the root of their thoughts and behaviors, we empower individuals to become the best version of themselves. T.Hill Consultant is dedicated to helping individuals achieve true mental wellness and reach their full potential through her events and seminars.

T.Hill Consultant has provided a reoccurring expert on the Can TV show "In the Money with Kimberly Loftis" where we speak about the psychology of money and credit habits. We provide therapists who truly understand the struggles of our clients. Our relatable and transparent approach allows individuals to feel comfortable and open up in her workshops. We have a remarkable way of challenging perspectives and helping individuals filter out negative thoughts and belief systems that may have held them back in the past. T.Hill Consultant has a background and experience in therapy, combined with her passion for helping others, is evident in our work. We provide valuable insights and words of wisdom that have a positive impact on individuals' lives. Our passion for helping others shine through when we take the stage, as we deliver powerful and transformative messages that inspire growth and change.

Creating new therapeutic experiences though workshops and events
Find out how!




Meet Tamika Hill, known as “Coach T” or “Your Raw but Real Therapist” depending on which hat she is wearing. In 2017, Tamika walked away from the corporate world to start her consulting agency, T. Hill Consultant LLC that brings mental wellness experiences to individuals in the form of therapeutic events, trainings and seminars that are fun, engaging, and thought-provoking. She also founded a private group practice, Step by Step - The Spa For Your Mind, that includes multiple staff members with diverse backgrounds at two locations that brings a unique twist on the mindset of therapy.


Credentialed, Experienced & Professional

Tamika holds a licensed Clinical Social Work MSW LCSW CAMS – II in both Illinois, Indiana and texas. Her experience includes over 7 years of experience working with a diverse background of individuals including at-risk youth, couples, law enforcement, healthcare workers, educators, railroad employees, financial experts, construction workers, women, and men, among others. Her core belief is that everyone should have access to mental wellness, no matter their career or setting, as it impacts every aspect of life - personal, career, finances, family, health, and overall well-being.


Unlocking Your Mind

So if you are ready to inspire and empower your audience with the transformative power of mental wellness, book T.Hill Consultant for your next speaking engagement and discover the power of unlocking your mind.

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