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Tamika Hill of Step-by-Step on The AC Green Show

Being isolated helped everyone realize where they need to improve because we all were forced to deal with ourselves during the pandemic. We’ve learned that we need to deal with who we are and many people in life partnerships recognized that they may have even just been existing in a marriage; that they weren’t in a marriage except for on paper. In general, some may get married to check a box, to fill a void, to not be alone, or for validation instead of taking their time. As your raw but real therapist, we must acknowledge why we do certain things, like women getting married to check a box or men getting married for comfort. In romantic relationships, man or woman, we need variety and to be secure in our hood of being a woman or a man.

Today’s culture and society are hypersexualized, which creates the pressure of being or looking a certain way or even wanting to be a part of something that doesn’t naturally attribute to your well-being. Natural beauty and traditional ways of life aren’t once received as they once were so it can create many things that you don’t like about yourself and may create a lack of esteem and confidence, especially for teenagers who need to be rehabilitated by authenticity.

Understanding the impact of trauma and how to push through as you move forward as you face it is key. This is part of how you build your confidence and security as you overcome yourself to evolve in life where you can achieve the maximum potential in your life. I’m equipped to help you with depression, anxiety, trauma, everyday life adjustments such as breakups, grievance, other forms of physical loss, and being in new environments.

"I Understand what your saying about slavery but unfortunately half of these young people don't even know that"

How do you own YOU? By facing those things that make you feel less like you and allowing someone who has the skills to help you travel your unexplored terrain to elevate. Step by Step is the place to help humans of all ages find their place and purpose in the world.

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